Video at the TechWorks! YouTube channel

Welcome to TechWorks! - 3 minute video follows members of Alpha Phi Omega - Binghamton University visiting TechWorks!.  Created for the Center for Technology & Innovation by Mark Urban, 2017.

IBM 1403 - First Printing  May 2nd, 2018

IBM 1311 Restoration 

2 minute video highlighting the IBM 1440 system restoration precedings. 1330 disk drive reads old data, writes new data, and reads new data.

Birthplace of Virtual Reality - 183-5 Water Street, Binghamton, NY

10 minute video exploring Why Here?  On one site over a century ago four companies - IBM-predecessor Bundy Manufacturing, Automatic Musical Co., Link Piano Co., Link Aviation Devices - pioneered all of the technologies required by today's virtual reality - computing, robotics, and simulation. Video by Brian McCann, 2010, commissioned by Center for Technology & Innovation, Binghamton, NY

Link Nickelodeon in Action

2 minute video with Rusty King, mechanical music expert, describing the mechanism of Link Automatic Piano,
built in 1913 at 183-5 Water Street, Binghamton, NY. The piano is on long-term loan from the Robert Reinauer - William Bolte families to the Center for Technology and Innovation. For a nickel, see this piano play live at TechWorks!

Chuck Branscomb reflects on iconic IBM mainframe systems - IBM 1401 and System/360, as well as his career at IBM, that began in Endicott in 1950.  Recorded June 2012 at TechWorks!, 321 Water Street, Binghamton, NY

Inside the printer for IBM System/360  Don Manning, IBM mechanical engineer, retired, demonstrates how the print hammers function inside the IBM 1403-N1, a high-speed, 1100 lines per minute printer, released in early 1960s as part of the IBM System/360. 

1403-N1 Mod 3 Print mechanism model cropped.jpg

IBM 1440 System Product Release - 1962 Archival footage  

   IBM 1440 - Part I                 IBM 1440 - Part II          IBM 1440 - Part III

View the 1962 debut of the IBM 1440 processing system, including views of IBM San Jose in early 1960s amd discussion led by Chet Huntley with IBM management that pressages the use of computers as a data finding aid -  decades before Search Engines were developed.

Alpha Phi Omego prepwork for TechWorks! Big Map Mural - 2012